Varna Free University

Do you wish to be a member of a student community where even your bravest ideas will be supported and implemented and where your abstractive thinking will be appreciated? If your answer is “yes” you are ready to become a part of the biggest and most acknowledged private university in Bulgaria.

“Where your dreams begin…” – this is the motto of Varna Free University and it is a promise to all future and present students that here their dreams will not only begin, but they will come true.

Varna Free University is the youngest university in Varna, but in spite of its brief history it has become one of the most prestigious academic institutions, teaching Bulgarian and international students in nationally significant academic fields, guaranteeing  globally competitive education and a diploma, recognized in all European Union countries.

Varna Free University is the first and only Bulgarian university certified with the signs DS Label, ECTS Label and HR Excellence in Research logo by the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture at the EU European Commission. It is also certified under the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and has been granted certificates from UKAS (UK) and ANAB (USA) for the implementation of the accepted international standards.

The university is an initiator and an active member of the Black Sea University Network. It has established close partnership with numerous offshore academic institutions. The students at Varna Free University can participate in diverse exchange programmes such as Tempus, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and other research and educational programmes funded by the European Union.


If you choose to study at Varna Free University, you will have the unique chance to explore one of the most ancient cities in Europe and enjoy the special experience to live and study in a magnificent seaside resort.

Varna Free University is an educational brand, familiar not only in Bulgaria but also all over Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Today the university is open to foreign students from all over the world. The university offers a broad range of specialties in English. The academic programmes are developed in line with European trends – the Bologna process. You can choose between 24 Bachelor’s, 62 Master’s and 26 PhD programmes.

A significant reason to choose Varna Free University is the low tuition fee (2000EUR-2400EUR per semester). In addition, living expenses in Bulgaria are quite low in comparison to other European countries, which will make your stay in Bulgaria an endless party.

The university aims at being flexible, innovative and adaptive to the dynamic labour market and the needs of modern society. It implements a European model of private higher education oriented towards students, their professional aptitudes and personal accomplishments.

Approximately 500 qualified lecturers from all scientific spheres of knowledge are responsible to provide education to up to 10 000 students studying at various faculties.


Varna Free University offers a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in English and Russian. The university prepares highly qualified specialists in various fields of science, economy and art. The duration of education is 4 years for Bachelors (4,5 years for part-time education), 2 years for Masters and up to 3 years for PhD degree.

Educational-and-qualification degrees Bachelor and Master (following completed secondary education studies)

F – full-time mode of study / P – part-time mode of study / D – distance learning


Psychology (F,P) training in English and Russian


International Relations and Law  (F)

Political Science and Journalism (F, P)


Law (F, P)


Business Administration and Management (F, P, D)

Public Administration and Management (F, P, D)

International Public and Business Management (P)

Management of Public Health (F)

Business Administration and Management with Chinese (F)



International Economic Relations (F, P, D)

Finance and Accounting (F, P, D)

Digital Economy (F)


Informatics and Computer Science (F, P, D) training in English and Russian


Design (F)

Construction of Buildings and Facilities (F, P) training in English

Fire Safety and Protection of Population (F, P) training in English

Architecture (F) training in English


Fashion and Fashion Management (F)


Choreography (F, P)


National Security Protection (F, P)

Counteraction to Crime and Public Order Protection (F, P) 

Profilering (F, P)

Intelligent Security Systems (F, P)

International Law and Security (F, P) training in English

Majors for the academic year 2015/2016Educational-and-qualification degrees “Master”

(following completed Bachelor studies )


Psychology and Psychopathology of Development (F) training in English

Applied Psychology (F) training in English

Psychological Counselling (F) training in English


International Politics and Security (F)


International Maritime Law (F)

Interstate Relations and Maritime Law (F)

Protection of Human Rights (F)


European Administration and Management (P)

Management of Projects Financed from EU Funds (P)

Administration and Law (P)

European Administration and Project Management (P)

Administrative Management of Migration Processes (P)

Business Administration and Management with Chinese (F)

Leadership in a Global Environment (F, P)

Management of International Business Projects (F, P, D) training in English

Advertising and Public Relations in Business Management (F, P)

Management and Psychology (P)

Business Administration in Tourism (P)

PR Branding in Business Management and Intellectual Sphere (P)



Financial and Banking Management and Marketing (F, P)

Finance and Accounting (P)

Financial Audit (P)

International Economics and Law (P)

Marketing and Public Relations in Education, Science and Culture (F, P)

Financial and Investment Consulting (P)

Behavioural Economics (P)

International Marketing (P) training in English


Digital Marketing and Web Design (P)

Web Design (P)

Software Engineering (P) training in English

Computer Games and Animations (P)

Cybersecurity (P) training in English

Information Systems and Technologies (F, P, D) training in English

Data Science (F) training in English


Preservation of Cultural Heritage (F) training in English

Interior Design (F)

Building Structures (F, P) training in English

Fire-Fighting Equipment and Automation (F, P) training in English

Water Supply and Sewerage (F, P)

Road Construction (F, P) training in English

Construction Engineering (F, P)

Urban Planning (F)

Industrial and Transport Design (F)

Fire-Fighting Engineering (F, P)  training in English



Fashion Styling (F)

Fashion Photography and Advertising (F)

Visual Arts and Art Management (F)

Computer, Graphic, Advertising Design (F)



Choreography Directing and Arts Management (F)

Performing Arts, Management and Producing (F)


Profilering  (F)

Intelligent Security Systems  (F)

Preparedness of Forces and Resources for Action in Unconventional Crises (F, P)

International Law and Security (P) RU

Customs Intelligence and Investigation (F)

Detective Activities (P)

Forensic Expertise (P)

Forensic Economic Expertise (P)

Forensic Computer-Technical Expertise (P)

Forensic Fire-Technical Expertise (P)

Forensic Psychological Expertise (P)

Forensic Construction and Technical Expertise (P)


Educational and scientific degree “Doctor”

Eligible candidates for doctoral programmes must be master degree holders. VFU graduates with excellent diploma scores are entitled to a fee reduction.

Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” offers the following accredited PhD programmes:

Professional area “Political Sciences”

  • Political Science

Professional area “Economics”

  • Political Economy
  • World Economy and International Economic Relations
  • Economics and Management (Industry)

Professional area “Administration and Management”

  • Social Governance
  • Organisation and Management of Production (Industry)

  • Organisation and Management outside the Sphere of Material Production
  • Professional area “Law
    • Constitutional Law
    • Civil and Family Law
    • Administrative Law and Process
    • Criminal Law
    • Criminal Procedure
    • International Law and International Relations
    • Theory of State and Law. Political and Legal Doctrines
    • Forensic Science
    • Criminology


    Professional area “National Security”

    • Management in the Sphere of Security and Public Order


    Professional area  “Psychology”

    • General Psychology
    • Educational and Developmental Psychology


    Professional area 5.7 “Architecture, Construction and Geodesy”
    PhD programmes:

    • Synthesis of Architecture with Other Arts, Interior and Architectural Design
    • Architecture of Buildings, Facilities and Details
    • Territorial and Landscape Planning and Urban Planning
    • Building Structures
    • Building Materials, Products and Production Technology
    • Occupational Safety and Fire Safety Equipment


    Professional area 8.3 “Music and Dance Art”
    PhD programmes:

    • Choreography


    Department of “Foreign Language Teaching” offers training in 7 foreign languages (English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Latin and Bulgarian for foreigners) for all specialties. The language training is provided by 24 highly qualified lecturers-philologists. In the end of their education all the students receive European Language Passport as part of the European Language Portfolio. This passport documents the history of study and the Portfolio contains criteria that apply to the entire continent.


    In order to be enrolled in any programme at Varna Free University, you should answer to certain requirements such as to have a document for completed secondary education, and the average grade from this document should not be less than 62% from the maximum value of the grading system in the country of acquired education.

    You should submit the following application documents:

    1. 1-Application form
    2. 2- copy of the document for completed secondary education, and of the appendix with the grades
    3. 3- document issued by a competent authority, certifying that the candidate is entitled to
    1. 4-continue his/her education at the higher education institutions in the country where the secondary education was acquired
    2. 5- document issued by a competent authority, certifying that the holder of the document has been enrolled as a student at a higher education institution
    3. 6-An academic transcript – for students applying also with recognition of periods of study, completed at foreign higher education institutions
    4. 7-A medical certificate issued no earlier than one month before the date of applying
    5. 8-A copy of the citizenship documents – for the applicants with dual citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian
    6. 9-a document for proficiency in the language of teaching in the prospective course of study – for the applicants who will not go through language or specialized training
    7. 10- 6 recent colour photos – 3,5/4,5 cm.


    Tuition fees for foreign students from non EU countries for education in English/Russian language are as follows:

    Bachelor’s degree:

    • full-time education – 2000 EUR per semester
    • part-time education – 1750 EUR per semester

    Master’s degree – 2400 EUR per semester

    Tuition fees per semester for education in Bulgarian language are from 1250 EUR(part-time education) to 1500 EUR (full-time education) for Bachelor’s degree and 1900 EUR for Master’s degree.

    Students with dual citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian, pay tuition fee per semester:  1300 (part-time education) – 1500 EUR (full-time education) for Bachelor’s degree and 1700 EUR for Master’s degree.

    We are available for any questions and we are ready to help you apply at Varna Free University. Please contact us for further information and assistance.