University of Economics Varna

In its 95-plus year history University of Economics – Varna has trained over 110,000 economists, both Bulgarian and international, with international students coming from over 60 countries. Currently the university trains 13,000 Bulgarian and international students.  Faculty members are 700 among those 350 are professors and associate professors. Varna University of Economics has been accredited and certified as an academic and research organization as per ISO 9001:2008.  In its bachelor’s degree University of Economics – Varna offers a range of 20 accredited majors in four professional divisions: Economics, Administration and Management, Tourism, IT and Computer Sciences.The master’s degree offers 30 master’s degree majors in three types of studies: full-time, part-time and distance learning.  This university maintains contacts and cooperates with over 130 international universities. Side projects under different programmes: ERASMUS, CEEPUS, TEMPUS, etc.Over the years University of Economics – Varna academic and research facilities have been continually improved and modernised. This university governing bodies consider investing in facilities a prerequisite for an enhanced academic environment for faculty members and  students.Faculty members and students enjoy spacious lecture halls, a new university hall, a conference room, a large reading room, a well-stocked library and a modern sports centre. Computer rooms, laboratories and reading rooms are available for students in seminars and for self-study.  The two university buildings (the College of Tourism is located in a third one) houses 130 lecture halls for training and research.  Employment at the university has been steadily growing.In 2011 University of Economics . Studying at University of Economics – Varna  is the choice for high quality education, internationally recognized degree and successful career development.

Bachelor’s Degree Majors (4 years )

Professional field “Economics” – Masters programmes: (2 years )

  1. Accounting and Control
    Public Finance
    Bank Management
    Corporate Finance
    Corporate Business and Management
    Global Commercial Business
    Constructional Entrepreneurship
    Economics of Real Estate
    Business Consulting
    Quality and Expert Examination of Commodities
    Sales Management and Merchandising
    Advertising and Media Communications
    Corporate Marketing
    Communications and Business Development
    Communications and Business Development (in English)
    Communications and Business Development (in Russian)
    Markets and Technological innovations
    Markets and Technological Innovations (in English)
    Markets and technological Innovations (in Russian)
    International Business
    Business Economics
    Business Information Systems
    IT Innovations in Business
    Business Statistics
    Logistics Management
    International business (in English)
    Professional field “Administration and Management” – programmes:
  2. Management
    Human Resources Management
    Business Administration
    Public Administration
    Professional field “Tourism” – programmes:
  3. International Tourist Business
    Development of Tourism and Sports Events
    International Tourism (in English)
    Professional field “Informatics and Computer Sciences” – programmes:
  4. Informatics
    Applied Informatics


Doctoral Degrees

Varna University of Economics offers training in the following PhD Programmes: (The duration of the PhD is 3 years)

  • Social Management;
  • Political Economics (General Economic Theory);
  • Statistics and Demographics;
  • Accounting, Control and Analysis of Economic Activity;
  • Finance;
  • Economics and Management (Commerce);
  • Economics and Management (Construction and Real Estate);
  • Indusrtial Business;
  • Agribusuness;
  • Commodity Science;
  • Marketing;
  • Application of Computing Equipment in the Economics;
  • Optimal Management of Economic System;
  • World Economy and International Economic Relations;
  • Economics and Management (Tourism);
  • Infomatics
  • Trade law