If you have decided to apply for a student loan in Bulgaria, we can help you with collecting the documents needed and applying on your behalf at one of the local financial institutions cooperating with the university of your choice. We offer assistance in preparing all the necessary documents, negotiating the type, duration and the amount of the loan and acting in your interest during the whole procedure.

It is obligatory that the enrolled students have paid their first tuition fee in order to apply for a student loan.

There are two types of Bulgarian student loans: student loan for tuition fees, which is equal to the fees due for the remaining period of training of the student, and student loan for living expenses, or for dependents. The first one is equal to the tuition fees due to the remaining period of training. For your convenience, the bank deposits the money directly into the university bank account at the beginning of each semester according to the loan agreement details. The second type is the student loan for dependents, which is lent to full-time students in higher education in Bulgaria, who have become parents or have adopted a child during their studies.The amount of this loan  is equal to the sum of the semester allowances for the remaining period of training of the borrower. The semester allowance is equal to the minimum salary level, multiplied by the number of months during the semester and is transferred to the bank account of the borrower at the beginning of each semester according to the loan agreement details.

The student loans in Bulgaria are sponsored by the government. The Bulgarian based banks that have signed agreement with Bulgarian Ministry of Education are allowed to give student loans. Student loans are offered by the following four banks:

1-DSK Bank
3-Eurobank Bulgaria
4-Allianz Bank

To apply for student finance applicants must be:

  • 1-Bulgarian citizens or citizens of one of the countries indicated in the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Loans Act;
  • 2-under 35 years of age;
  • 3-full-time students in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral level program;
  • 4-working towards their first Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree.

Student loans include:

  • 1-Tuition Fee Loan for the remaining period of training;
  • 2-fixed interest not exceeding 7% for the whole period, no collateral required, no fees and commission;
  • 3-grace period for the duration of the programme of studies plus one year;
  • 4-loan repayment in equal instalments over the period of up to 10 years after the grace period is over.

Application documents for Bulgarian Student Loans:

  • 1-copy of an identity document;
  • 2-document proving that undergraduate or PhD student, is eligible to enroll or enrolled for the next semester;
  • 3-declaration that they have not acquired the same educational qualification degree or educational scientific degree before;
  • 4-declaration that they do not have any other loan obligations that have not been paid for more than 6 months;declaration that the undergraduate or PhD student has not received the same loan from another bank;
  • 5-declaration of economic connectivity within the meaning of the Credit Institutions Act;
  • 6-Other documents, if it is necessary to meet the legal requirements and which are directly related to the loan agreement.


Students are required to pay back loans while studying. The Bulgarian student loan must be paid back in equal installments during 10 to 15 year period, starting after the end of the grace period. The grace period is the duration form the end of loan agreement till the end of 1-year from the first date of the last state examination.
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