Medical University Varna

The Medical University of Varna, in English, is among the first medical universities in Europe attracting a large number of international students, due to the high quality of education,  system of education, reasonable tuition fee,  degree recognised in all over Europe and beyond as well as the low living cost, safe and friendly environment.The Medical University of Varna was founded in 1961, following a series of reforms initiated by the Bulgarian state to upgrade the medical institution to its present respectable position, by way of which it includes state of the art educational, scientific and medical facilities that are the pride of Northeast of Bulgaria. Its philosophy can be summarized in the following pillars: i) education; ii) research; iii) institutional development and expert consulting activity. As a liberal arts university, it offers bachelor programs in the scientific fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Public Health. It also offers many postgraduate programs and is particularly celebrated in the EU within the domain of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Education. It consists of four schools (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Public Health), one administrative section, one Medical College and four Hospitals, all associated with the University, established during the 1970s and 1980s (“St. Marina” University Hospital of Varna, “St. Anna” University Hospital of Varna, Specialized Hospital of Vision, and Specialized Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology). Since it was founded, more than 8,351 Bulgarian students an additional 977 foreign students from 45 different countries have graduated. The University employs more than 18 professors, 78 deputy professors and 284 assistant professors, the vast majority of whom are renowned around the world and comprise one of the best known academic and erudite medical communities of the world. The Institution has its own publication history, including the scientific magazine “Scripta Scientifica Medica”. Furthermore, the campus is easy to access, and enjoys a prominent place in the heart of the city of Varna, which has been voted the best city in Bulgaria. Last but not least, the Institution’s academic clubs offer full sport facilities, including its own soccer and basketball fields. Overall, the Medical University of Varna should be on the top list of any student wishing to study Medicine.

Varna Medical University


·         Medicine: in English (250 Places)

·         Dentistry: in English (50 Places)

Tuition fees:

·         Medicine: 6 years – 8000€ per year

·         Dentistry: 6 years – 8000€ per year

  • Low cost of living, approximately £3,500 / €5,000 a year
  • Financial aid (Student Loans) from local affiliated financial institutions
  • Fully recognized Degree globally, and internationally accredited institutions

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