The cost of living in Bulgaria is particularly low by comparison to most central and western EU member states. Accommodation is affordable, and so are public transportation services, food and leisure services. As a matter of fact, living expenses in Bulgaria are perhaps among the most affordable not only in Europe, but all over the world, considering that it offers everything European with the added bonus of being a well-sought destination for its exciting culture and tourist attractions. Better yet, the combination of all the above together with the high quality of graduate studies, draws in thousands of international students.

Prices vary from place to place, since larger cities are usually more expensive compared to smaller towns. However, seldom does the student feel as though he or she is spending beyond their means, given that only about one third of the money normally spent in any western European country for such goods or services is needed in Bulgaria.

In general, a student needs €260 per month for living expenses if he/she stays in University Dormitories (see table below) or €500-600 per month for living expenses if he/she stays in private accommodation In combination with the reasonable tuition fees, this makes Bulgaria one of the most favourable destinations in the world for international students.

Rent an (1-2 rooms) apartment: – 150 – 250EUR
Internet: – 8-10EUR
Electricity: – 30 – 70EUR (depending on the season)
Water: – 5-8EUR
Food, Taxis and Public transportation are one of the most cheapest in Europe.